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Cybercafe Patron Survey

The results of this survey will be tabulated and charted and posted on this web site upon completion of the survey. Thanks for your time!

  1. I primarily use cybercafes for (check all that apply):

    Travel or vacation Don't own a computer For socializing

    An escape from home Anonymous way to hack the web

    Play network games The food is good Just passing by

  2. In the past year, I have visited how many cybercafes:

    One or less 2-5 6-10 11-25 26 or more

  3. In the past year, I have visited cybercafes how often:

    Once or less Twice to 10 times More than 11 times

  4. I have found cybercafe locations on web sites only later to arrive at their cafe to find it is no longer in business:

    Yes No

  5. I think cybercafes are a passing fad:

    Yes No

  6. I am interested in locating cybercafes everywhere I travel to:

    Yes Don't care

  7. I would like to or have purchased one or more printed books that outline the locations of cybercafes:

    Yes No

  8. I have or would like to subscribe to a cybercafe digest that can provide regular updates to cybercafe locations in print:

    Yes No

  9. I already own my own cybercafe:

    Yes No

  10. I would like to own my own cybercafe:

    Yes No

  11. Continent of residence:

    Europe North America South America
    Asia Australia / Pacific Islands Africa

  12. Enter your email address:

  13. Comments or other info:

  14. Thanks for taking the survey!

    Check out the results to date.

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