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The actual business plan that was written and put to use to start the cybercafe, Cafe Cybercaptive, in San Mateo, CA, USA, is available as a pay-per-view document on this website.

For US $24.95. , payable online with PayPal, you will receive a non-exclusive license to view and copy offline this business plan for purposes of aiding in the preparation of a cybercafe start-up.

This document contains information, data, financial figures, market analysis and planning - an example of virtually anything you would need to know to put together your cybercafe business plan and start your own cybercafe. It also considers several approaches to cybercafe business architecture and attempts to analyze the short lifespan / low success rate for cybercafes today as well as present some timely solutions to avoid the common pitfalls that might lead to such outcomes.

Revised: Now includes information and resources for obtaining free cash grant funding specifically for public internet access establishments.

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Jess Longren

"Thank you for sending your business plan -- very informative and provided useful insights. The statistical data particularly so, in so much as it indicated to me that establishing a Cyber Cafe in an area where tourists are likely to visit was probably a sound idea."
Bob Brennan

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